Schisandra (Schizandra) Extract

Schisandra (Schisandra chinensis) is a climbing, aromatic tree with white or reddish flowers that is native to northern China and eastern Russia. The extract of the fruit contains a number of active components called lignans.1 Ripe schizandra berries are dried and the components are extracted from the dried fruit. The extract is concentrated and spray-dried.

Health Benefits

Schizandra has been used in traditional medicine as an adaptogen for energy, immune support, and various conditions involving the respiratory, endocrine, and nervous system.1 It has been suggested that Schisandra may also benefit liver health.2,3 Schizandra fruit extract mixed with sesamin may protect the liver by reducing fatty liver and enzyme levels indicating liver problems as well as slowing down the damage in the liver caused by oxidation (e.g., LDL-cholesterol oxidation) and inflammation.2 A preclinical study has elucidated that inhibiting fat deposition and lowering blood triglyceride level while increasing good cholesterol (HDL-cholesterol) may be a potential mechanism in preventing alcohol induced fatty liver.3


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