Guarana Extract

Guarana extract (Paulinia cupana) comes from a plant of the maple family, and originated in the central Amazon. Guarana extract has many active compounds including catechin, epicatechin, sapponins, and caffeine. The traditional use of Guarana extract is to make teas from the seeds of the Guarana plant.

Health Benefits

Guarana extract may be beneficial in the improvement of acute cognitive performance, memory, attention, and mood.1,2 This has been observed and supported in other studies that Guarana combined with multivitamins and minerals has improved acute cognitive performance.3,4 Preclinical studies have also reported that Guarana improved memory and reduced anxiety.5,6 Guarana may reduce the risk and incidence of hypertension, metabolic syndrome, blood cholesterol levels, and oxidative stress in the elderly.7,8


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