Grapeseed Extract

Grape seed extract is often derived from red grapes (Vitis vinifera), which are cultivated worldwide. The extract is prepared from the seeds and skins, which are rich in flavanols, especially proanthocyanidins.1,2 The seeds and skins are separated from the grape pomace and washed prior to extraction. The extract is then purified, concentrated, and standardized for proanthocyanidin content before drying.

Health Benefits

Grape seed extract has beneficial antioxidant properties.1-3 Grape seed extract may lower blood glucose levels, which may aid in reducing the risk of the development of diabetes.4 Grapeseed extract may prevent symptoms in chronic venous insufficiency such as: heaviness, itching, and swelling.2,5 Grapeseed extract may improve endothelial function, decrease oxidative stress, and lower blood pressure, playing a role in maintaining healthy circulation and reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.3,6,7 Grapeseed extract may prevent photoaging.8


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