Dong Quai

Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis) is a stout biennial or perennial herb native to China, which has been used traditionally for several thousand years. Dong Quai extract is prepared from the clean and dried roots, from which ligustilides and ferulic acid are extracted. Dong Quai has been traditionally used for women’s hormonal issues.1

Health Benefits

Dong Quai may aid in reducing incidences and severity of hot flashes during menopause.2 Dong Quai may improve conditions in ulcers and inflammation in the digestive tract (ulcerative colitis).3 Dong Quai supplementation may help improve blockages of blood vessels in the brain (acute cerebral infarction).4 It has been suggested in preclinical studies that Dong Quai may decrease inflammation and tumors growth in colorectal cancer.5


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