German chamomile flower (Matricaria chamomilla) is grown in South and Eastern Europe, Northern and Western Asia, and North America. The flowers contain flavonoids, including apigenin and luteolin, and at least 0.4% essential oils. The two major constituents of chamomile essential oil are α-bisabolol and chamazulene.1

Health Benefits

Chamomile flower has been a valuable ingredient in herbal formulas and teas for thousands of years to help with sleep, anxiety, and gastrointestinal problems (e.g., upset stomach).2-5 The bisabolol in Chamomile may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects and may be helpful for individuals with stomach and upper intestinal disorders because bisabolol may aid in lowering the amount of pepsin secreted in the stomach.1,5 Chamomile may decrease platelet aggregation, thus reducing the risk of disorders caused by excessive blood clotting.6 It has been suggested that chamomile might help reduce characteristics of ADHD such as: hyperactivity and inattention.7


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