Shaklee Science Team

The members of the Shaklee Health Sciences team have a wealth of skills, education, and experience. Their passion for the importance of nutrition and supplementation and commitment to education of our Shaklee family about the value of Shaklee products as part of a healthy lifestyle is strong and vibrant. Health Sciences is charged with creating clinical studies to validate product claims as well as advance the state of knowledge about nutrition and botanicals. You can hear them on the Monthly Hotline tapes, conference calls and see them speak at events around the Shaklee world.

Health Sciences has established long-term relationships with the various athletes and explorers that Shaklee has sponsored over the years, providing them with training, nutritional and supplementation advice that has led them all to higher achievements. They have published countless articles on nutrition, diet therapy, exercise, alternative medicine, and human metabolism. Dr. Jamie McManus’s first book, Your Personal Guide to Wellness–What Your Doctor Doesn’t Have Time To Tell You, was published in the summer of 2004.

Dr. Jamie McManus M.D., FAAFP

Chairman, Medical Affairs, Health Sciences and Education

Dr. Bruce Daggy PhD

Senior Vice President, Research & Development and Chief Science Officer

Les Wong

Vice President, Global Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Hong Wang MD, PhD

Senior Research Scientist, Research and Development

Dr. Laurel Fisher, PhD

Senior Director of Research


Dr. Sonhee Park (Ph.D., CCRP)

Senior Research Scientist