Why was this study done?

Water-soluble fiber can play an important role in the maintenance of blood lipids (cholesterol), but not all water-soluble fibers are useful for lipid-lowering. This series of small studies were designed to understand differing effects of water-soluble fibers, combination, and concentration of fibers on blood lipid levels.

What did the study find?

Acacia gum had no effect on blood lipid levels. A combination of fibers (psyllium, pectin, and guar/locust bean gums) demonstrated a 8.3% reduction in total cholesterol and a 12.4% reduction in LDL cholesterol). A dose-dependent response was noted with a 5.6% reduction in cholesterol levels at a 5 g dose, a 6.8% reduction at a 10 g dose, and a 14.9% reduction at a 15 g dose.

Role of water-soluble dietary fiber in the management of elevated plasma cholesterol in healthy subjects
Authors: Haskell WL, Spiller GA, Jensen CD, Ellis BK, Gates JE. Am J Cardiol. 1992 Feb 15;69(5):433-9.
PubMed Citation PMID: 1310566.
PDF Manuscript: Am J Cardiol, 1992.