Why was this study done?

Previously we investigated the immuno-stimulatory effects on immune alert mediator production and immune cell proliferation of a blend of extracts containing polysaccharides including yeast beta-glucan in human immune cells isolated from blood of a healthy donor. We further explored other potential blends of natural extracts known to have immune enhancing properties.

What did the study find?

Ginseng and mushroom showed the beneficial immuno-stimulatory effects when used in combination with yeast beta-glucan.

(Note: The pictures of mushroom and dry yeast are attributed to Wikipedia; the picture of ginseng is from Shaklee Product Guide 2016.)

Immuno-stimulatory activities of blends of natural extracts in human immune cells

Authors: Wang, H.  and Daggy, B.

Presented on January 29-31, 2016 at Scripps 13th Annual Natural Supplement: an Evidence–Based Update Conference.

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