Why was this study done?
Lean body mass (muscle mass) is one of the largest modifiable components of metabolism. Lean body mass is of interest to scientists because increasing lean body mass is an effective tool in the fight against obesity. This study was designed to understand the relationship of nutrition and exercise in the building and maintenance of lean body mass.

What did the study find?
All participants in this study were asked to exercise, but only half of them were supplemented with a protein, calcium, and vitamin D. Lean body mass was significantly increased in the group who were supplemented when compared to those who only exercised

Exercise and Nutrition More Effective than Exercise Alone for Increasing Lean Weight and Reducing Resting Blood Pressure.
Authors: Westcott W, Varghese J, DiNubile N, et al. Journal of Exercise Physiology Online. 2011, 14(4).
PDF Manuscript: Journal of Exercise Physiology Online, 2011