Why was this study done?
AREDS2 is a formula that contains vitamin C, E, zinc, copper, lutein, and zeaxanthin. AREDS2 has been shown in multiple studies to help people prevent macular degeneration. This study was designed to discover if the addition of a mixed polyphenol preparation (resveratrol, quercetin…) to the AREDS2 formula would be beneficial.

What did the study find?
The AREDS2 formula taken along with the mixed polyphenol preparation for four months resulted in structural and/or visual improvements in approximately 70% of patients with macular degeneration.

Effect of the combination of AREDS2 formulation and a polyphenol preparation on dry age-related macular degeneration: analysis of case studies.
Authors: McHugh RT, Hollins JL, Lau FC, Daggy BP. 2014.
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Also presented at: The International Society for Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods (ISNFF) 8th International Conference, Sept. 20-23, Wuxi, China, by Daggy B & Fisher L. 2015. The eyes have it: Role for polyphenols in age-related macular degeneration (AMD)