Blueberry Powder

Wild blueberry (Vaccinium augustifolium) is a small, shrubby perennial plant that is one of the few native to North America. The fruit is harvested, ground, extracted, concentrated, and then spray-dried. Blueberry is rich in anthocyanins, and blueberry extract is standardized to contain around 12.5% anthocyanins.

Health Benefits

Blueberries may aid in lowering blood pressure and reducing arterial stiffness.1 Blueberries may reduce lipid oxidation due to its antioxidant property.2,3 It has been suggested in preclinical studies that blueberry consumption may reduce oxidative stress in the brain and aid in preventing the death of dopamine neurons.2,4 Lab studies have suggested that blueberries may contain properties that might inhibit cancer cell growth and protect the cells in the eyes from oxidation and aging.5,6


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